We can help you get ready.

We’re living longer and staying more active in retirement — which means we also need to save more. An ANZ Financial Planner can help you work out how much you’re likely to need for retirement, then suggest practical strategies to help you achieve that lifestyle.

The right advice can help you:

  • Relax, confident you can afford a great retirement lifestyle
  • Get ready to work less and enjoy life more
  • Make the most of your assets
  • Maximise the value of your business

The importance of being prepared.

For most of us, compulsory superannuation payments won’t be enough to deliver the lifestyle we’re looking forward to. The sooner you act to boost your super savings, the more you’re likely to have when you retire. And with super rules constantly changing, professional advice can make a big difference.

How the right advice can help you:

  • Set a retirement income target that you can achieve
  • Navigate complex super rules
  • Manage risk to protect your assets and investments
  • Work less while boosting your super with a Transition to Retirement strategy

Prepare for retirement - $430K minimum superannuation balance for a comforatable retirement

Things to think about

  1. Make sure you have enough

    With clear retirement goals, you can help ensure your savings will last the distance.

  2. Ease into retirement

    A transition to retirement strategy could help you work less and boost your super at the same time.

  3. Maximise business value

    If you’re a business owner, an ANZ Financial Planner can help you get maximum benefit from the value you’ve worked so hard to build.

Sources: Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, Australian Taxation Office. Find out more.


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An ANZ Financial Planner can help you create a personalised strategy to help you achieve your goals in the future while still enjoying life today.

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Source:  ASFA Retirement Standard, March 2013.  For further information on the standards, including the definitions of modest and comfortable lifestyles, and the calculations of their respective household budgets, visit the ASFA website

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