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1. If your home is totally destroyed in an insurable event and we accept your claim.

2. An item me be repaired or replaced, or the cost of repair or replacement may be paid to you.

3. Up to 120 consecutive days of cover away from home. Outside of Australia and New Zealand cover is limited to the lesser of 25% of sum insured or $15,000.

4. Provided the car has not travelled more than 30,000km.

5. Only under comprehensive cover

6. Excluding third party property cover

7. The monthly amount payable for a valid claim may be less than the Income Benefit selected at the time of application, depending on your ‘pre-claim earnings’ and ‘other payments’. The maximum monthly benefit available depends on your occupation category at time of application, and is up to $10,000 for a standard risk occupation, and up to $3,000 for a special risk occupation. When you apply, we will class your occupation as standard risk or special risk. If you are classed by us as having a special risk occupation, your Income Benefit is not payable for a disability caused by the occupational duties you perform.

8. Claims arising directly or indirectly from a pre-existing medical condition occurring in the two years before the policy acceptance date are not covered. A pre-existing medical condition is an injury, illness, condition or related symptom: that you (or a reasonable person in your position) were aware of, or should have been aware of; or for which you had, or were intending to have, a medical consultation; or  for which a reasonable person in your circumstances would have had a medical consultation. See the ANZ Income Protection Product Disclosure Statement and Policy for more information.

9. The maximum Life Benefit available is $2,250,000 for persons aged 18 - 44, $1,250,000 for persons aged 45 - 54; and $500,000 for persons aged 55 - 59.

10. The maximum Critical Illness Benefit is $1,125,000 for persons aged 18 - 44, $625,000 for persons aged 45 - 54; and $250,000 for persons aged 55 - 59.

11. Life Benefit not paid within first 12 months, except for accidental death.

12. Suicide excluded for first 12 months.

13. Subject to monetary limits. Please see the table of benefits in the PDS.