Help with your ANZ Personal Loan repayments
when things don’t go to plan.

Additional features

Get a discount on your loan interest rate

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For a limited time, save 0.25% p.a. when you take out loan protection.

Ask for ANZ Loan Protection when you take out your ANZ personal loan. You’ll have the convenience of your premium funded in as part of your loan — and will also receive a 0.25% pa discount on your interest rate for as long as you keep your insurance.

Optional protection for your ANZ personal loan
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Choice of cover

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Tailor your loan protection to your needs.

Choose Life and Disability cover on its own, or add Involuntary Unemployment cover to help meet your repayments if you’re made redundant2.

Cover for death, disability and involuntary unemployment
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Apply for ANZ Loan Protection Insurance with your ANZ Personal Loan


Complete your ANZ Personal Loan application in about 10 minutes.

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Talk to a specialist in our call centre: Call 13 16 14 8am–8pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday.

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At a branch

Drop in to an ANZ branch.

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Making a claim Show more

We understand if you need to make a claim, it may come at a difficult time. So we try to make the process as straightforward as we can.

To get started with an ANZ Loan Protection claim, call 1300 552 253.

Depending on the type of claim, we’ll need you to provide some extra information. We’ll let you know what you need to send us when you advise us of your claim.

Waiting and qualifying periods

There are waiting and qualifying periods before you can claim. Please see the see the ANZ Loan Protection Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document for details.

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Important information Show more

1    If you receive a medical consultation for any illness or injury in the six months before you purchase the policy, and that illness or injury leads to a claim after the firth six months after the policy commences, you will not be covered. Please see the ANZ Loan Protection Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document (PDS) for details.

2    There is no cover available for the Disability Benefit or Involuntary Unemployment Benefit if you are working in a permanent part time, casual, contract or temporary capacity or you are self-employed for less than 10 hours per week.

3    It is not a condition of your loan that you purchase this product.

4    The offer of 0.25% p.a. discount on your ANZ Personal Loan interest rate is available until 16 July 2016.  ANZ Personal Loan accounts with ANZ Loan Protection insurance, that was applied for prior to 16/07/2016, will continue to have the 0.25% p.a. interest rate discount for the life of the insurance policy.