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ANZ E*TRADE Share Investment Loan

For ANZ E*TRADE investors

If you trade using ANZ E*TRADE, you can apply directly for an ANZ E*TRADE Share Investment Loan.                                                                                               

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ANZ Share Investment Loan

If you trade through a broker

If you prefer to use a broker or advisor to manage your trades, you can apply for an ANZ Share Investment Loan. Simply fill in the form below and give it to your broker.

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ANZ E*TRADE Share Investment Loan

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ANZ Share Investment Loan

1) Read our important documents
2) Download the application form
3) Send your completed form to:
ANZ Investment Lending Reply Paid 4338 Melbourne, VIC 8060

Application Form (PDF, 908kb)

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  1. Managed funds are only available as security with the Diversified feature. Managed Funds cannot be bought or sold through E*TRADE using your ANZ E*TRADE Share Investment Loan. You need to contact ANZ Investment lending if you want to include any managed fund investment bought other than through E*TRADE in your ANZ E*TRADE Shares Investment loan portfolio. Managed funds already held through E*TRADE (but not purchased with your loan) cannot be transferred into an ANZ E*TRADE Share Investment Loan.
  2. $150 charged if you are a borrower applying;as a company,
    - corporate trustee or trustee with an ABN;or

    - on behalf of a trust or business to whitch an ABN has been allocated.
    This fee includes a payment of $74 to the Personal Property Securities Registrar for registration on Personal Property Security Interest(s)*
  3. Qualifying for the Diversified Portfolio feature of the ANZ Share Investment Loan is not an indication that ANZ considers your portfolio is appropriately diversified

The Buffer Ratio on the ANZ Share Investment Loan is 5%.

Leveraging a share portfolio is fast becoming a popular wealth creation strategy. However, you should be aware that whilst leveraging into investments increases the potential return, it is important to recognise that it can also multiply the effects of falls in sharemarket values. We therefore strongly advise you talk to your financial planner, tax adviser and/or stockbroker and ensure you understand the risks, the specific tax implications as well as the legal and financial ramifications of a share investment lending facility.

References to an ANZ E*TRADE Share Investment Loan are references to that product or, where appropriate, to the division of ANZ that administers that product.