Improved ANZ Share Investing platform launches 10 September

From Monday 10 September 2018, you’ll have access to an improved ANZ Share Investing website and Pro platform as well as a new mobile app – all designed to deliver a superior trading experience.

The improved website and Pro platform will have a different look and give you access to more investment opportunities and market insights.

Better still, your current login, trading confirmations and holdings will all be carried over. So you’ll be ready to enjoy the benefits.

What you need to know

  • Your ANZ Cash Investment Account and linked ANZ Share Investment Loan (if you have one) will continue to be issued by ANZ and linked to your ANZ Share Investing account
  • There will be no change to your current brokerage rates
  • All linked account arrangements remain the same
  • Three years of cash history will still be available on the new platform
  • A full history of your trading confirmations will still be available.

Processing your account requests

To allow us to move to the improved website and Pro platform, we won’t be able to process some account maintenance requests (e.g. stock transfer, banking or Options-related requests) for a short period.

Find out more by viewing our table of all cut-off dates.

What you need to do

Read the updated disclosure documents.

If you trade Options

To continue to trade Options from 10 September 2018, you need to complete a Registered Holder Collateral Cover Authorisation (RHCCA) form for each Options-enabled account and return the original to ANZ Share Investing before 27 August 2018.

If we don’t receive your form by this date, we’ll close any open Options positions prior to the upgrade and you won’t be able to trade Options on the improved platform until a RHCCA form is received.

Please ensure that you include your full ANZ Share Investing account name and HIN and also have the form witnessed by another person1 to prevent any processing delays.

The original form will need to be posted to:

ANZ Share Investing
Reply Paid 1346
Royal Exchange, NSW 1224.


Want to know more?


Check out our new introduction video that will give you a quick overview of the upcoming improvements to the website and Pro platform as well as the new mobile app.

What happens next? 

It’s our commitment to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. We’ll keep you posted with our progress via this website and email you as we get closer to 10 September 2018. 

In the meantime please check that your contact details are up to date. You can update your details online by completing the Change of Contact details form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find more information about the ANZ Share Investing update including answers to commonly asked questions.


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