What is important to you?

The freedom to travel more? A great start in life for your kids? Or knowing you will be able to maintain your lifestyle in retirement?

An ANZ Financial Adviser can help you start living the life you want. They’ll also help you discover possibilities you may not have thought of — from clever ways to protect your lifestyle, to new investment ideas. 

Feel confident that you are on track

Financial advice is a very personal thing. So it’s important to talk to someone you can trust.

ANZ Financial Advisers are qualified professionals, backed by one of Australia’s most trusted institutions. From doctors to plumbers, they’ve helped more than 150,000 Australians improve their financial future, so you can rely on them to give you personalised and transparent advice.


How it works

1. Getting started

Before you attend your complimentary first appointment with an ANZ Financial Adviser we’ll ask you to complete an Advice Ready form. This is quick and easy to complete and will help us to have a more meaningful conversation that is specific to you.

It would also be helpful if you could spend some time thinking about what’s important to you—both personally and financially. The more information you bring along, the better your ANZ Financial Adviser can understand your situation and the sooner they can help.

We recommend you bring:

Details of your income

This can be a recent payslip, group certificate or tax return

Details of your expenses

Make a list of your regular expenses (e.g. phone, electricity, rates and food) including how much you spend on each month on average

Assets and debts

Bring information on your superannuation, investments, insurances and loans (e.g. recent statements

2. Your first appointment

At your first appointment, your ANZ Financial Adviser will focus on understanding your current situation and your goals. From there they can work with you to determine the scope of the advice you need, and they’ll also discuss the process involved in developing a plan to meet your needs, including the fee for this service. If you choose to proceed, a financial plan tailored to meet your specific needs will be developed.

3. Your second appointment

At your second appointment, your ANZ Financial Adviser will walk you through your tailored plan, explaining the strategies they recommended to achieve your goals.

Your financial plan will only be implemented once you are satisfied it meets your needs, and you will be fully involved and consulted every step of the way.

4. Ongoing support

You can choose whether you’d like ongoing advice to help keep your plan on track, or advice only when you feel you need it.


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Life is full of possibilities. 

Specialist advice, at key moments in your life, can help you realise your true potential and achieve more from the possibilities in your life. 


Speak to a Financial Adviser

Speak to a Financial Adviser

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