The shortest path to a better future

With so many demands on your money and your time, it’s easy to get lost in the day to day, even when you know you should be investing for the long term. That’s where the right advice can make a big difference. 

The right advice can help you:

  • Enjoy the good things in life, while looking after your future as well
  • Pay off your mortgage faster
  • Give your kids a great start
  • Protect your lifestyle and your loved ones, whatever happens

Grow your money and protect what’s important

An ANZ Financial Planner can create a personalised plan for you and your family, designed to help you achieve your individual financial goals in life. They’ll suggest practical solutions to help grow and protect your wealth, so you can be free to live life on your terms.

How the right advice can help you:

  • Build up assets for a financially secure future
  • Get the right balance between risk and reward
  • Protect your family’s assets and your lifestyle

In our recent survey, 30% said they couldn't manage 3 months without their income

Source: Australia's Money Confidence 2013 – The State of the Nation Report by ANZ and Pacific Magazines

Grow and protect my wealth - In our recent survey, 30% said they couldn't survive 3 months without their income

Things to think about

1. Protect your assets and your lifestyle 

Safeguard your financial security by making sure you have adequate protection in place to care for the people and things that matter.

2. Own your home faster

Discover how the right home loan options and cash strategies could cut years off your mortgage and potentially save you thousands in interest.

3. Grow your investments 

Create a diversified pool of investments with the right balance of risk and reward.

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Online check-up

Use our Wealth Health Check to explore your money goals and priorities, then identify areas where you can take action now.

In-branch review

Ensure you’re making the most of your money, with a complimentary A–Z Review® at your local ANZ branch.

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Financial advice

An ANZ Financial Planner can help you create a personalised strategy to help you achieve your goals in the future while still enjoying life today.

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The ANZ Wealth Health Check tool offers general information for you to think about. It is not financial advice and you should not make any decisions to about financial products based on this information. Because we haven’t had the chance to consider your individual situation, you need to consider whether the information provided by the tool is right for you after considering your objectives, financial situation and needs. Before choosing any financial products, we recommend you talk to a professional adviser and read the Product Disclosure Statements or Terms and Conditions. 

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