Maximise your savings.

The more policies you have and the longer you have them, the greater the rebate. With just two eligible policies you could receive your first rebate within the first 6 months.* Find out more.

How much could you save?

You could get up to a 15% rebate on your annual premium*. The more eligible insurance policies you have, and the longer you hold your insurance the bigger your rebate.

If you’ve held two or more policies with us for one year or more at the end of the rebate period, we’ll give you an extra reward for your loyalty.

Find out how you can save with the rebate

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How it works

Take out two or more of the following policies and hold them for a 6 month period

ANZ Home Insurance - Building only

Winner of the Canstar Outstanding value Home Insurance (Building cover) award (2009 – 2014). ANZ Home & Contents Insurance is a CHOICE overall best performer with a score of 89/100.

ANZ Home Insurance - Contents only

Combine your ANZ Home Insurance Contents policy with your ANZ Home Insurance Buildings policy and this counts as two policies — earning you a rebate of 7.5% after the 6 month period.

ANZ Landlord Insurance

With the choice of building and/or contents insurance, protect your investment property and rental income and get rewarded.

Car Insurance

Bundle your ANZ car insurance with your home, contents or landlord insurance and save up to 15% of your annual premium. Insuring more than one car? Each policy counts towards your rebate.

Frequently asked questions Show more

1. How do we calculate your rebate?

We calculate your rebate twice a year, as a percentage of the annual premium for each eligible policy you hold.

As long as you qualify on 1st October and 1st April each year, you can look forward to receiving half your annual rebate into your nominated bank account, or by cheque, generally within the month after the rebate period.

2. How much could you save? A case study*

Vanessa holds ANZ Home Insurance with both buildings and contents cover — so she is automatically eligible for a 7.5% premium rebate in the first year of holding the policy.

Her annual premium — how much she pays for her cover in a year — is $1,000. So she’ll receive a 7.5% rebate of $75 — paid in two half-yearly payments of $37.50. That reduces the annual cost of her cover to $925 — making quality insurance even more affordable.

*This example is for illustrative purposes only. To find out the premium and rebates that apply to you, call us on 13 16 14.

3. How do I qualify for the rebate?

To qualify you must hold at least two eligible policies:

  • ANZ Home Insurance — Buildings only
  • ANZ Home Insurance — Contents only
  • ANZ Landlord Insurance
  • ANZ Car insurance

Note: ANZ Home Insurance policies that have buildings and contents cover will count as two policies.

Your eligible policy must be within the cover period on your Policy Schedule(s), and your premium payments must be up to date. This offer applies to eligible policies issued from 13th October 2008, and may be withdrawn or changed at any time.

4. What’s the ‘annual premium’?

Your annual premium is the amount that you pay for your policy for a 12 month period, including any government and other charges.

5. What’s the ‘rebate period’?

The rebate period is the six-month period starting on 1st October and 1st April each year. We aim to pay you any eligible rebate within one month after the rebate period ends– so you should generally receive your rebate in November and May.

For example, Vanessa took out ANZ Car Insurance and ANZ Landlord Insurance on the 1st August. As at the 1st October, she’d paid two months’ worth of premiums. Therefore, in November, she receives a rebate on the premiums she’s paid to date.

6. If I have a joint policy, who receives the rebate?

If you own a policy with one or more other people, the primary policyholder will receive the rebate. If there is no primary policyholder, then the person who took out the first policy will receive the rebate.

For example, Vanessa took out ANZ Car Insurance in 2010, then added her partner onto the policy in 2011. In 2012, they took out a joint ANZ Home Insurance policy.

In this instance, Vanessa will receive the rebate, as she was the first person listed on the oldest policy.

7. What happens if I cancel one of my insurance policies?

If you cancel your policy before its expiry date, and we have paid you a rebate, we can deduct some or all of the rebate relating to that Policy from your next rebate amount, or claim it back from you.