Look after your loved ones after you're gone

Think of a romantic gesture…

Flowers, chocolates, a candlelit dinner perhaps.
But what about making the commitment to looking after your loved ones after you’re gone?


Life Insurance Key Features

  1. Apply for cover up to $2m if you pass away1

  2. Quick pay-out of $15,000 of your Life Cover

  3. Easy application with cover generally starting straight away1,2

  1. Easy to claim, we’ll be there to help

  2. Flexible cover to suit your needs3

  3. You can add optional Critical Illness Cover2

What's covered

  1. Cover for death or
    terminal illness

  2. Add optional
    Critical Illness Cover

  3. 24/7 worldwide cover

What's not covered

  1. Pre-existing medical

  2. Intentional act
    or omissions

  3. Travel to a country with
    a ‘do not travel’ warning

This is just a snapshot. As always we recommend you read the ANZ Life Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy (PDS) or click here for more detail.

Find out more about what's covered and what's not

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What is and isn't covered
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Wealth life insurance there’s no room for maybes. To provide for the ones you love, read on to see what’s covered and what’s not.

What's covered

ANZ Life Insurance gives you:

Flexibility to choose the cover you want

Choose a Life Cover amount from $50,000, with a maximum depending on your age and income:

  • If your gross annual income is less than $125,000:
    • Age 18 to 44 - $1,500,000
    • Age 45 to 54 - $750,000
    • Age 55 to 59 - $250,000
  • If your gross annual income is $125,000 or more:
    • Age 18 to 44 - $2,000,000
    • Age 45 to 54 - $1,000,000
    • Age 55 to 59 - $500,000

Critical Illness Cover (Optional):
Age 18 to 59 – from $25,000 up to 50% of the Life Cover amount you select

Early payout for terminal illness: You can choose to receive your full Life Cover amount if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live Help


Advance Assistance Benefit: Your beneficiaries can receive a fast-tracked advance payment of $15,000 of your Life Cover for funeral costs and any unpaid bills. Help

Optional Critical Illness Cover: Select this when you apply to help protect against eight covered serious illnesses or injuries. Help

You can also receive partial payments for a further five covered medical conditions or injuries. Help

Immediate cover: Your cover begins as soon as we accept your application. With the exception of the optional Critical Illness Cover, where a 90 day qualifying period applies to certain conditions listed above.


Name up to five beneficiaries, so you can make sure the money goes where it’s needed. Also select a primary beneficiary who will receive any Advance Assistance Benefit payment.

What's not covered

Not everything is included. Here is a summary of what you are not covered for.  Call us on 1300 464 876 if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help.

We don’t pay a claim if it relates directly or indirectly to any of the following:

Pre-existing medical condition: Depending on your cover, a five year pre-existing medical condition exclusion may apply to your policy. If so, this will be shown on your Policy Schedule:
A pre-existing medical condition is an injury, illness, condition or related symptom that, in the five years before the policy start date:

  • you (or a reasonable person in your position) were aware of or should have been aware of; or
  • for which you had, or were intending to have, a medical consultation; or
  • for which a reasonable person, in your circumstances, would have had a medical consultation.

Suicide within 24 months of starting or reinstating your policy

Visiting a country where a ‘Do not travel’ warning has been issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Contracting HIV or AIDS

War (whether or not it’s formally declared), hostilities, civil commotion or insurrection

Intentional act
Where you commit a deliberate act committed with the intention to claim on the policy.

Omitting or lying about relevant information in your application.

Qualifying Period for the optional Critical Illness Cover

A condition which is subject to the qualifying period is not covered under this policy if:
• it first occurs or is first diagnosed in the qualifying period,
• the signs or symptoms leading to the condition occurring or being diagnosed first become reasonably apparent in the qualifying period, or
• Medical tests are performed during the qualifying period which results in the condition being diagnosed.

Conditions subject to the qualifying period are:
• Cancer
• Heart attack
• Coronary artery by-pass surgery
• Stroke
• Multiple sclerosis
• Adult Type 1 diabetes mellitus
• Angioplasty
• Carcinoma in situ
• Severe endometriosis

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Flexibility to change parts of your policy – just contact us.

  • Change how often you pay – fortnightly, monthly, or annually (You can also change how you pay with direct debit from your credit card or your bank account)
  • With Future Insurability, if you have a life event you can increase your cover up to the allowed limit without further medical information. A ‘life event’ is a significant event like getting married, having a child or taking on a mortgage. Look at ‘You Can Increase Your Cover’ section in your Policy Disclosure Statement for more information and to see when you are eligible.
  • With Premium Pause, you can put your policy on hold for up to 12 months, or 24 months if you are on parental leave. You won’t pay premiums during that time, but you won’t have cover for that same period of time or for 90 days after your premium starts again. You won’t have to reapply for cover. Premiums will be automatically deducted after the pause ends]
  • Unless you’re on premium pause, you can also decrease your cover

Stepped or Level: We give you the option to select Stepped or Level premium types.

With Stepped premiums:

  • We re-calculate the premium on each policy anniversary based on your age on that anniversary.
  • Stepped premiums are likely to increase as you get older.
  • The premium will also change when Cover changes. This includes changes to the amounts insured, including indexation (if applicable).

With Level premiums:

  • We calculate your premium based on your age at the policy start date.
  • Your premiums will stay the same, unless we change the premium rates as described in the ‘We can change premium rates’ section of this PDS. From the policy anniversary after you turn 65 your policy reverts to the Stepped Premium option.
  • Indexation does not apply to your cover while you’re on Level Premium.
  • Under level premiums, if you increase your cover under Future Insurability, the premium for the increase depends on your age when the amount insured increases and the level premium rate for that age.

If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, earn one Qantas Point for every $1 of eligible premium2


This is only a summary of our cover and exclusions. See the ANZ Life Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document (PDS) for full details of what is and isn’t covered under this policy, you will need to consider this before applying for cover.

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