It's not just super, it's your independence

ANZ's in-depth survey of 1000 Australians in March this year found 'independence' is a priority for most Australians yet we often dismiss, ignore and overlook the financial power of superannuation to achieve this independence. 

It shows that many of us don’t fully understand how superannuation is essential to the financial freedom we seek in life, even though it is one of the most valuable assets we’ll ever have.

On these pages we challenge that thinking with a clear insight showing super is what gives us choice, comfort and freedom, during the time of life we need it most.

None of us should be dismissing the power of superannuation. If you find the word itself hard to engage with, stop thinking of it as ‘just super’, and think of it as your independence, and what your working life is heading toward.

How to take charge of your independence today

Search for your super

Do you have multiple super accounts? Or forgotten the funds you have from various jobs?

Find your super

As an ANZ customer, we can help find all your super accounts for you:

  • Go to ANZ Internet Banking > Apply > Superannuation > Find your super

Otherwise you can use the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) myGov service. Here’s how:

  1. Create a myGov account and select ‘link ATO’ to your account.
  2. Go to the ‘Super’ tab and you’ll find your super.
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Consolidate accounts

Consolidating your accounts can reduce the fees you pay and make it easier to keep track of your super.

ANZ Smart Choice Super’s online round-up service is as simple as:

Go to ANZ Internet Banking > Apply > Superannuation > Find your super > Transfer

ATO’s online consolidation:

  1. Create a myGov account and then link the ATO to your account.
  2. Go to the ‘Super tab’.
  3. Choose the fund you want to transfer your money from (‘transferring fund’) and the one you want to transfer it to (‘receiving’).
  4. Confirm your selection.

Before you consolidate, consider:

  1. Each fund’s performance over a period of time, e.g. five years
  2. The fees and charges, a low-fee super account can save you money
  3. If any of the funds give you investment choices or lifestage investment mixes – these may give you more flexibility for your lifestage or risk appetite
  4. If the fund has the insurance cover you need
  5. Where your future employer contributions will be paid.
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Take your super from job to job

Now you’ve consolidated, your employer needs to know where to put your regular super contributions.

Download the Australian Taxation Office’s form

  1. Download the ATO’s Super Choice Form.
  2. Fill in the details electronically.
  3. Print the form.

If you have an ANZ Smart Choice Super account:
We make it easy with a prefilled form with your details to just email or give to your employer:

ANZ Internet Banking > select your ANZ Smart Choice Super account > Notify my Employer

A small number of employers do not offer choice of fund.  If you’re unsure, speak to your employer. For more information about Superannuation Standard Choice click here.

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Make contributions

Make a before-tax contribution

  • To make a before-tax (concessional or salary sacrifice) contribution, speak to your employer about arranging this.
  • The concessional cap is $25,000 p.a.

Make an after-tax contribution

  • For an after-tax (non-concessional or voluntary) contribution, you can make a one off or regular BPAY® payment. You can find payment details on your statement or your fund’s website.
  • The non-concessional contributions cap is $100,000 p.a.

This is a general guide only to caps, your situation may have different caps to those stated above. You can find out more at ATO Contribution Caps.

Use calculators to help you make decisions

Calculators can help make it easier for you to decide where to place any extra funds.

Contributions calculator

Work out how to maximise your contributions

Super v mortgage tool
Do you want to put extra money into your mortgage or super?

ANZ makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of information contained on third party websites including information disclosed in calculators.  To the extent permitted by law, ANZ does not accept any responsibility or liability arising from your use of information on third party websites, including calculators.

Get ahead with advice

Think about what a comfortable retirement means to you and talk to a financial planner who can devise a plan to secure you a comfortable, independent life.

Book an appointment with an ANZ Financial Planner:

  • Visit a branch
  • Call 1800 626 855, weekdays 8am to 8pm (AEST)
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Don’t let your boss take care of your independence

Don’t let your boss take care of your independence Many of us take the easy default path with our superannuation, when we should be taking control like a boss.

Be your own boss

Super's role in gaining your independence

Many Australians put their future independence at risk because they don’t know the important role super plays.

Why super?

A big house or a big superannuation balance?

It may surprise you to learn that superannuation is on track to overtake the family home as Australians’ most valuable asset.

What's best?

Take charge in three steps

Understand the control you have over your super and how making the right changes now can positively affect your future.

Learn the steps

Advice for a lifelong plan

It’s one thing to cover the basics, but to make sure your super delivers the independence you’re looking for in life, you may need advice.

What advice delivers

Women's crushing super gap

Recent reporting shows a narrowing of the gender pay gap, but women are still lagging behind men on superannuation.

Understand the issue

Real stories

'My financial plan doesn't need a partner'

Sam Aldenton is saving for a house deposit and putting extra into her super so she can achieve financial independence.

Sam's story

Lauren's financial-independence plan

Lauren Jane shows paying debt, buying insurance, building a business and boosting super can all be done without a headache.

Lauren's story

How ANZ can help

ANZ offers ANZ Smart Choice Super, a flexible, low cost product that’s built around changing lives and needs. With special features that adjust automatically as you age, ANZ Smart Choice Super works as a partner on your path to your independence.

If you have reached a personal milestone and your priorities are changing, you may benefit from meeting one of our ANZ Financial Planners. Specialist advice can help you better understand where you are now and how to get where you want to be.


Put all money in one place.


Bring your super together.


Get ahead. Boost your super.

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^Fee Analysis: Research conducted by SuperRatings Pty Ltd, holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 311880. Analysis current as at March 2017, and limited to the member, administration and investment management fees of 388 retail, industry, corporate and government super funds, including 102 MySuper options. The ANZ Smart Choice Super fee includes a 0.01% APRA levy and 0.03% Stronger Super levy charged on 09/06/16. In conducting the analysis, the ANZ Smart Choice Super - 1960’s diversified investment option has been compared against the main Balanced option of products contained within the SuperRatings database. Annual fees are calculated on a constant $50,000 super balance. Data used in the research from sources considered reliable. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. For a copy of the SuperRatings research click here or call 13 12 87.

All fees are subject to change. Other key features are relevant when choosing a super fund, including performance.

Before redirecting your super or moving your money into ANZ Smart Choice Super, you will need to consider whether there are any adverse consequences for you, including exit fees, other loss of benefits (e.g. insurance cover), increase in investment risks and where your future employer contributions will be paid.

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