Shout and make a difference

Shout is a mobile-based fundraising platform that integrates giving into your everyday.

With access to over a hundred charities you can now make an immediate difference to your favourite causes. Donate today.


Product Overview

Shout Now

Shout’s micro donation App is targeted at the elusive 18-40 market and aligns the act of giving with everyday activities.

It is a mobile platform that can be used to donate to worthy causes while on the move, at anytime.

Shout Peer2Peer

Shout’s Peer to Peer platform enables people to garner support from their friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them while participating in events to raise money for their favourite charity.

Participants can build individual profiles and fundraising pages with each stage of the process being completely shareable across social media platforms.

Shout SMS

Shout SMS allows donors to donate to charity simply by texting a mobile number.

Keywords can be setup within Shout SMS to respond with the appropriate donation forms. Donations are made via a simplified mobile web optimised form supporting both Credit Card and PayPal payments.

Shout Widget

A ready to use solution for fundraising campaigns requiring a back end ‘plug in’ to handle administration of donations made from start to finish.

The function is ‘Powered by Shout’ ensuring all recording, receipting and administration is taken care of while allowing campaigns the opportunity to be featured across the Shout platform in addition to their own promotional support channels e.g. blogs, websites, media partners.

Shout Checkout

At the point of transaction, the consumer has the ability to add an additional micro donation $2 or greater (chosen by the e-tailer), with one click of a button, to their shopping cart. Easy set-up and integration means minimal fuss, quick development turnaround and no administration for the e-tailer.

Many great causes

Over 150 organisations are featured on the Shout platform allowing donors a large amount of choice and ability to support causes they are most passionate about. The number of causes represented continues to grow and both Shout and ANZ welcomes new organisations to become part of the Shout community. 

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