Keep looking after those you love

You never know what tomorrow may bring, but by applying for cover within your ANZ Smart Choice Super account, you can continue to look after your loved ones even if you aren’t there.

A smart way to get covered

As your insurance fees are deducted from your super account, they’re generally tax effective and have no impact on your take home pay so is a smart way to get covered.

Apply for insurance cover

Choose your own level of insurance cover

  1. The application will take around 15 minutes.

  2. You have the option to apply for Death cover, Death and Total and Permanent Disability cover and Income Protection cover.

  3. You will be applying for insurance cover with ANZ Smart Choice Super’s insurer, OnePath Life Limited.

  4. By clicking on the ‘Apply now’ button you’ll be directed to a OnePath page to provide your details.

  5. We will ask a few questions about your personal details, health and work to determine if you are eligible for cover and calculate your fees.

Types of cover*

  • Death cover

    The insurer will pay a death benefit if you die or suffer a Terminal Illness.

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover

    The insurer will pay a TPD benefit if you’re Totally and Permanently Disabled by injury or illness and unable to work again. TPD cover is available when taken out with Death cover.

  • Income protection

    Income protection can cover up to 75% of your monthly income (subject to the Maximum Benefit Level), so that you can continue to meet day to day living expenses. The Insurer will pay a benefit if you are Totally Disabled or Partially Disabled. 

*It’s important to read the relevant Additional Information Guide or Insurance Guide applicable to you before taking action. These guides are available to download below and outline important information about insurance cover in ANZ Smart Choice Super including in what circumstances you may receive a payment. In particular, this includes the definitions of Terminal Illness, Totally and Permanently Disabled, Totally Disabled, Partially Disabled, Maximum Benefit Limits and information about payment of benefits. 

Insurance in ANZ Smart Choice Super is provided by OnePath Life Limited, one of Australia’s leading providers of insurance solutions. It is a wholly owned but not guaranteed subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ).

Next steps

When you apply for more cover from the options above, you will receive a letter advising you of the status of your application. If we need further information to process your application, we will call you. Please note, cover will only commence upon receipt of written confirmation from us.

How to apply or find out more

Apply for insurance cover

It only takes 15 minutes.

Call 13 12 87

Request a call back
Mon to Fri, 8am to 7pm (AEST).