Ensuring you have enough superannuation to enjoy a comfortable retirement is important for all Australians.

That’s why ANZ supports the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s Super Booster Day campaign.

Pledge today to top up your super and pay yourself forward for the retirement you really want. A small change now can result in tens of thousands more dollars in your super fund when you’re ready to retire.

Here’s how you do it.

Retire comfortably

According to ASFA a couple will need an income of $58,922 every year to support a comfortable retirement lifestyle that includes some travel, eating out and running a car. For single people the figure equates to an annual income of $42,8933.

The amount needed each year for a comfortable retirement means over 75 per cent of us are likely to outlive our super4.

So it’s important not to just rely on your employer’s contributions, but to tip in extra to help ensure you have enough for retirement.

You can add to your own super using the strategies outlined above.

Next Steps

Find out how much you need

ANZ Smart Choice Super customers can access a retirement calculator online. Simply login via internet banking, select your super account and visit “Tools & Resources” to calculate how much you need to contribute to achieve a comfortable level of retirement.

Talk to your employer

Find out if salary sacrifice is available through your employer. If it is, consider how much of your salary you can comfortably sacrifice and then advise your payroll team.

Top up your super today

For ANZ Smart Choice Super customers, simply contribute via BPay. Biller Code - 169060 Reference Code – This is the combination of your ANZ Smart Choice Super BSB and account number.

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2 https://grattan.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/821-super-savings2.pdf

3 http://www.superannuation.asn.au/resources/retirement-standard, March 2016

4 Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation System: the next years 2011-2030. Deloitte, November 2011

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