ANZ EasyTransact

ANZ EasyTransact is a secure, online, electronic super administration and contribution processing system that is compliant with SuperStream requirements. EasyTransact helps reduce the time you spend administering your employer superannuation plan with features such as:

  • employer-initiated Direct Debit which makes paying contributions simple, eliminating the need for reconciliation;
  • adding and removing or modifying member information from your plan;
  • changing basic member details such as salaries or addresses in bulk;
  • access to your employer online payment history;
  • ability to produce Superannuation Guarantee contribution reports for members;
  • submit employee contributions to any nominated fund in one batch

Find out more about how you can become SuperStream compliant with ANZ EasyTransact by calling 13 47 43, Option 1, Option 1 Monday to Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm AEST and our dedicated Help Desk team will get you started.

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